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New Moon in Leo: Heal Through Play

This full moon sidles up next to Jupiter who is closer to Earth than at any other time of year. Jupiter has been rising around sundown, glowing brightly in the east through the early evening. This radiant Sagittarian presence is the uplifting counterbalance to grind of the Capricornian activity that’s gearing up this month.

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New Moon In Gemini: Be Seeded By The Breeze

This new lunar cycle precedes eclipse season and introduces us to themes and transits that will continue to dominate and intensify in the second half of June and July. Take advantage of this new moon to prepare for the time to come.Be seeded by whispers, new ideas, variety, play. Allow the nourishment and fertile ground of the recent Taurus/Scorpio lunar cycle to be seeded by the breeze.

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