Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: Layers of Letting Go



Partial Lunar Eclipse at 24° of Capricorn at 5:31 pm EST on July 16th, 2019

Show up maturely to meet the moment, ready to let go of what’s not serving.

This moment in the year is as dense as it gets, packed with meaning, challenge, strong feeling and an erratic external environment. The deck is loaded!! Let’s take the factors one by one and explore tips for navigating all this at the end.

Mercury’s retrograde alters the flow of thoughts, communication and anything with intelligence (i.e. planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention electronic devices). The quicksilver planet travels on July 20th back from expressive Leo into sensitive Cancer, landing Mercury’s domain once more in the thick atmosphere of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse axis. Revisiting this territory for the latter half of July may help us integrate and reframe what depths have been stirred by this round of eclipses.


Eclipses generally portend unexpected circumstances totally out of any one person’s control. Health crises, accidents, winning the lottery, news out of left field, other peoples’ feelings… anything could happen!



On the 16th the full moon will be conjunct Pluto, dwarf planet of death, rebirth and power dynamics. Pluto makes tiny things enormous and mountains into molehills. Co-present with Saturn, who speaks of mastery and authority, this eclipse is bound to bring up questions about how we use what power we have. Way out at the far end of our solar system, Pluto connects us to the cosmos in a powerful way.

The invitation here is to let go of ego power, stop our conditioned behaviors around coming out on top and empty out to receive the power of Spirit, the cosmos, the divine or whatever language works for you to describe the Grace that knows better than humans what to do.


Neptune adds road signs pointing to spiritual assistance in its trine to Saturn. Tangible rewards come from leaning into the mystic. Spirit can be practical!


Saturn opposes Venus exactly on eclipse day, as well. This is not a sweet or cozy conversation. In the process of confronting misuse of power, letting go of what doesn’t serve and surfing the waves of mercurial irregularity, romance doesn’t play much of a part. Save special dates for another night.





Get out your meditation pillow. Flexing the muscle of witnessing your mind will only support maintaining some measure of equanimity in this time. Even better it will strengthen your capacity for transformation, for that is what the planets are inviting.


Widen the container. If you can make space in your schedule, body, mind, heart, do it! Get out in nature, find a place where you won’t feel compressed by a to do list or a charged interpersonal dynamic. There’s enough pressure coming from the sky, no need to add any.


Meet the moment as it is. Projecting expectations, desires, fears won’t get you anywhere during this time. Better to really notice what is before you and be with that as best you can.

Cultivate a sense of humor!            

Where are the planets?

Mercury retrograde in Leo, soon to be Cancer

Venus in Cancer

Mars in Leo

Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn

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Neptune retrograde in Pisces

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