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It’s an honor to join in each person’s astrological quest.


In a consultation, I offer an informed exploration of your unique cosmic map at the time of your birth. By the end of our time together, you will have had an opportunity to transform how you relate to your origin story and how the sky’s events through your lifetime might show up in your experience.


cosmic map reading

Familiarize yourself with how the sky looked when you were born and how that may show up in your being and life. Reclaim your relationship to the stars and to yourself through a fresh exploration of your own cosmic map.

60 minutes / $100

90 minutes / $130


year ahead reading

The movements of the planets in the coming year will influence your life in specific ways that may be helpful to be aware of ahead of time. Get a sense of what those influences are and how to work with them to your benefit.

60 minutes / $100

90 minutes / $130


relationship reading

Explore the dynamics of a relationship whether it’s romantic, platonic, familial or professional. Cultivate a better understanding of what’s at play in an important relationship to support a healthy, balanced experience for both people.

60 minutes / $125

90 minutes / $155


Join me when the time is right for you.


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My purpose is to give you the tools you need to move forward with a better sense of how the current and upcoming planetary action interweaves with your experience, how to integrate what’s already present and how to take advantage of what’s to come.


 What to Expect from a Consultation


What you can expect from a session from me is a high level of care and respect in navigating the landscape of your life.

I often share a lot of information during a reading. For this reason I provide a recording of our conversation for you to revisit in your own time. Upon request I am also happy to include a written summary.

According to my own experience and philosophy, the astral bodies are just as alive and sentient as you and I, as plants and animals. They are available to relate to in their own ways and certainly respond well to acknowledgement and appreciation. This may seem far out to some but it’s worth a try! Depending on your interest, we can discuss ways to garner favor or a particular planet for particular purposes.


 Regardless of your own prior knowledge of astrology, I can cater our discussion to suit your needs and goals.