Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer: Nurture Connectedness & Feed the Ancestors


Total Solar Eclipse at 10° of Cancer on July 2nd, 3:22 pm EST

Reset Your Connection to What Needs Care.

This new moon opens eclipse season for the summer, slipping the lid off some ripe material we have been fermenting since early 2019. Eclipses are a reset and a reveal of things that have been hidden. This total solar eclipse happens in Cancer, the sign most oriented toward home, ancestors, emotional care and safety. To learn more about this eclipse season, see my post called 2019 Eclipse Season.


On July 2nd, a seed of nurturing what’s vulnerable is sown. Moon sliding between Earth and the Sun gives us an opportunity to go inward and soften. There is a quieting, deepening, healing potential here, a chance for respite amidst a challenging time. This can come through reconnection to ancestors, comforting time spent at home, an authentic experience of empathy. Make space for poetry, whimsy and true feeling.

Beyond respite, there is an opportunity to gather wisdom from this Cancerian connection. We are in a larger process of shedding our more aggressive responses to difficulty. Cancer’s side of this series of eclipses invites us into caring for the tender parts of ourselves and each other, moving in towards suffering with love instead of out into the external world with anger and blame.

With deep respect for our blood ties and an intuitive sense of the unseen, Cancer connects to generations past and those yet to come, offering healing in both directions. Down to the very specifics of each of our unique experiences on Earth, we live and breathe the stories of our ancestors no matter how conscious of this we are. Bring this connection into consciousness. Make an offering of peace.


Give outworn patterns an opportunity to be cleared so new ways of dancing with life can emerge, not just for yourself but for the dynamic tapestry of your lineage.


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