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Once upon a time there was a blue green planet tucked into a solar system in a galaxy not so far away.


This one of a kind place was known to its inhabitants as Earth. Earth was not alone.

Orbiting the same sun were eight other planets and a smattering of other matter in various shapes and sizes. This dynamic solar system occupied its own patch of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ever since their beginnings, Earthlings studied the skies as far as they could see. At first this was just with the seeing apparatus built into their bodies. Eventually they developed technology to amplify the precision and range of their perception. Before long the Earthlings realized just how tiny Earth was, how limited their perceptual reach even with their continually evolving tools.

Some Earthlings longed to travel out into the vast unknown and some did. First to Earth’s rocky moon, next to Mars. Some spent loads of resources shuttling robotic envoys as far out as they could manage hoping to catch wind of other life forms like them.           


Others on Earth were content to learn about their own solar system, and the visible stars around them from their perch on the ground.


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The Elements

Over long stretches of time a body of knowledge accumulated, not only about the physical form of these other planets and stars but also of their essences, their characters and how they seemed to relate to Earth.

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They felt more at home on Earth, at home in the universe.

Earth really got to know its own family, siblings, parents and distant cousins. Some of the students of all this honed in on how to relate back to Earth’s astral family. Their lives grew new dimensions and cosmic tendrils AS they worked together with the Sun, Moon, planets and stars in harmony.


You, Earthling,
do you seek a connected way
of being here in the cosmos?

You’Ve come to the right place!


I am a star storyteller.

I’m here to teach what I know and point you towards the learned ones across the web and world, that you may expand into the unknown well informed and root happily into our exceptional home planet, Earth.


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