New Moon in Virgo: Embody Wholeness through Sacred Service



New Moon at 6:37 am EST on August 30th at 6° of Virgo

Discern what’s yours to do and step in fully

As Moon comes together with Sun on Friday morning they will both be in a supportive trine to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus’ radical, innovative energy brings fresh, unexpected turns to the new tone being set by this moon in Virgo. Out of the ordinary approaches to routines come through. Whole new ways of being in our bodies are available at this time as the Earth element gets activated and radicalized. 

As we deepen into Virgo season with five out of ten astral bodies in the sign of the harvest goddess, our capacity for discerning what work is ours to do and how best to do it is amplified five-fold. With Mars very near to this new moon there is a powerful boost of energy and drive charging the seed of sacred service planted by the moon.

harvest the fruits from all you’ve been attending to


The day before the new Moon Mercury joins Mars, Venus, the Sun and Moon in Virgo. Notice as your inner eye focuses and clarifies. The analytical, efficiency oriented powers of Virgo abound. The true meaning of virgin is one who is whole unto oneself. The invitation here is to offer profound service to the whole coming from a place of one’s own wholeness and wellness.

Keep an eye on the potential for overdoing it or amping up productivity levels beyond what’s necessary. If you’re able to embody a slow, measured presence during this lunation you will make possible an experience of deep purpose and well being.

Big earthy blessings are upon us! Take time to breathe and receive them.



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