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Connecting to planets and stars in new ways.

At the heart of what I hope to offer through this site is a point of connection between the tangible and the subtle, the seen and the felt.


studying the cosmos and translations of the cosmos


 There is room here for seekers at all levels.


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In the realm of starstudy I am a longtime student of Stargazer Li, interpreter of the Mayan calendar alongside Western astrology and the real and storied movements of the stars and planets. With her guidance I have learned to converse with the universe in as present and loving a way as can be.

Stellar astrologers like Kelly Surtees, Chani Nicholas, Austin Coppock and Chris Brennan are also favorite teachers of mine. Thanks to them I have opted to blend whole sign house traditional astrology into my own unique approach. I grew up on a rural hillside in the Hudson Valley, NY where the Sun, Moon, stars and planets were my favorite playmates. In the dark of night I’d climb the tallest hill around. At the top on my back I took in the sky as a dome and that, for me, was home. Inevitably and thankfully, my background as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and teacher flows into my way of offering astrological consultations. My astrology practice is a branch of the larger tree called Peace And Renewal Healing Arts which you can learn more about here:

Back home in the Hudson Valley after many years of roaming I revel in this life with incredible companions, human, feline and otherwise. I am a songwriter, food lover, active outdoorswoman and community organizer. You can find some of my music at I look forward to releasing new songs related to astrology in the coming year, like Luminaries and 12th House.


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