New Moon in Libra: Breathe New Life into Relating with Grace



New Moon at 5° Libra at 2:26 pm EST on September 28, 2019

Return to what you love the most

Just before the moon returns to the Sun to begin a new cycle in Libra, Saturn in Capricorn touches the south node of the moon one last time.

To learn more about the nodes of the moon where eclipses take place, check out this post from my blog: 2019 Summertime Eclipse Season.

This meeting of Saturn and the South node happened in April and July of this year, each time inviting us to step in, step up and face whatever it is we’re needing to let go of in order to live our truest purpose. This is the third and final round which means if we haven’t already answered this call, the time has come! Even if this sounds familiar and you have been doing plenty of letting go this year, take advantage of this powerful moment to bring it to the next level.

move aside what’s getting in the way


From the bare bones baseline delivered by Saturn with the south node, the new moon in Libra is a capital blessing. Juiced by Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, in a supportive trine to bountiful Jupiter, this lunation plants seeds of sweet togetherness, of seeing, being and creating beauty and grace.

Dance with each other’s full selves; find balance in togetherness



Where are the planets?

Mercury in Libra

Venus in Libra

Mars in Virgo

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Saturn in Capricorn

Uranus retrograde in Taurus

Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn


sweet returns!

It’s a moment for remembering what means the most to us and returning there with renewed love, care and enthusiasm.

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