Full Moon in Aries: Tend Your Own Unique Flame



Full Moon at 20° of Aries at 5:08 pm EST on October 13, 2019

Center in Your Self to Relate Authentically

October’s full moon in Aries blazes wildly, a fiery light center stage in what might feel like an electrical storm thanks to active Uranus. The nature of full moon as a revelation of consciousness with respect to the preceding new moon is uniquely relational along the Libra – Aries axis.

How do we respect and assert our own needs, desires, and convictions while simultaneously relating with equal respect to the needs, desires and convictions of others? How do we tend our own source fire without singeing our neighbors or burning them up entirely?  

mind the sparks you’re throwing


The specific aspects made by the moon and the rest of the planetary family will tell us more about how to answer these questions. The moon itself reaches its peak at 20° of Aries. At that degree it connects to Jupiter in Sagittarius by trine and Pluto in Capricorn by square.

Jupiter, strong in Sagittarius, adds and amplifies to the fire of brave Aries, tying this lunation into the meaning making missions we’ve been on since Jupiter entered its home sign last November. The generosity of spirit embodied by Jupiter informs Aries’ focus on selfhood, inviting a sharing of the power and presence Aries possesses. Fire is fun and this trine promises a bounty of spicy diversion.

Pluto in Capricorn adds a potent edge to the day. The exploration of power dynamics that’s so much a part of this year plays in here. When we look out for our own priorities are we conscious around use of power and misuse both on our part and the part of others? So often the misuse of power by people in our lives can seed deep anger in us. Bring consciousness to where that rage goes.

Pioneer ways to temper, navigate and express anger with Grace



Before, after and alongside this full moon are a number of sparks thrown by Uranus in Taurus as the planets moving through Scorpio face the Uranian wild card by opposition. Earlier in the week this was Mercury, initiating some radically new ideas and ways of communicating.

Over the weekend, Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Unusual forms of beauty might catch the eye. We could be drawn to out of the ordinary ways of adorning ourselves, possibly with a Gothic touch from Scorpio. This is a spooky, sexy activation to keep things interesting.  

On Monday, the Moon will hook up to Uranus’ whacky circuitry, bringing the invitation to innovate into the body and home. Given Uranus’ location in Taurus, all of these stirrings brought by aspecting planets relate in some way to the earthy topics of Taurus. For several years to come we will continue to reconsider how best to be in and with our bodies, how best to live on and with our home planet Earth, how best to feed ourselves, each other, our home.

Enjoy the aliveness of this multi-dimensional lunar expression!!


Where are the planets?

Mercury in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio

Mars in Libra

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Saturn in Capricorn

Uranus retrograde in Taurus

Neptune retrograde in Pisces

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn


Make sure to ground your fire so you’re good and ready to expect the unexpected!