New Moon in Leo: Heal Through Play



New Moon at 8° of Leo at 11:11 pm EST on July 31, 2019

Integrate through creative expression

This last lunar cycle of eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn gave many of us a hard and heavy workout of one kind or another. With themes of death, challenges around mother figures and ample opportunities for seeing where and how we’re wearing ourselves out, this last six weeks has landed us at an interesting pivot point.

The new moon in Leo offers a warm sunbath in which to pause and shift out of the hard places we’ve had to hang out lately. The juicy radiance of Leo is just the tonic we need. Now’s the time to orient towards fun and pleasure and being yourself in a way that encourages others to do the same. Take this chance to

pick your favorite way of expressing yourself and go for it 


There’s no pretending what’s been stirred up this summer is just going to fade away. There are valuable challenges in our wake that are still with us internally. Without having to relive hard moments by telling the story blow by blow take this opportunity to integrate by making some art whether that’s a glorious meal, a colorful painting, song, dance or something radically new no one’s ever done. Play and be curious, love and be loved.

Lions are the only feline in the wild to hang in packs. They are lovers, snugglers and masters of play. Find time for your favorite games with your best buds. With Venus and Mars in Leo alongside the Sun and Moon, there’s ample energy for doing like the big cats do.

Love each other up! 



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