Full Moon in Sagittarius: Inspiration Realized


Full moon at 25° of Sagittarius at 4:30 am EST

Significant Challenges & Divine Inspirations.


This full moon sidles up next to Jupiter who is closer to Earth than at any other time of year. Jupiter has been rising around sundown, glowing brightly in the east through the early evening. This radiant Sagittarian presence is the uplifting counterbalance to grind of the Capricornian activity that’s gearing up this month.


The full moon that highlights Jupiter is sandwiched between significant challenges and divine inspirations.

The challenges correspond to the co-presence of Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn being increasingly activated by the various planets moving through Cancer. There is a pressurized, work heavy tone to the latter half of June thanks to Mars in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn on June 12th and the Moon pinging Saturn, then Pluto, then the South node on the day after the full moon, June 18th.

Neptune, planet of dreams, music and mysticism, connects with Jupiter the day before the full moon and Saturn the day after.

Pay attention to dreamlife and see where Spirit is wanting to show up in your tangible reality. Invite Neptune to dissolve separation so you can source support from a sense of connectedness. 

What was seeded at the level of the subconscious at the new moon in Gemini now comes into consciousness. Subtle magic softens the hard edges of our dance through the minefield of Cancer and Capricorn. Find how your lived experience of Spirit wants to be reimagined and brought maturely into being in the hard work this chapter requires.  

Where are the planets?

Mercury in Cancer

Venus in Gemini

Mars in Cancer

Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn Uranus in Taurus

Neptune in Pisces

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn