New Moon In Gemini: Be Seeded By The Breeze


New Moon at 12°33” of Gemini at 6:02 am, June 3rd, 2019

Be seeded by whispers, new ideas, variety, play.

Allow the nourishment and fertile ground of the recent Taurus/Scorpio lunar cycle to be seeded by the breeze. Notice what surfaces in conversation and streams of thought. Sift through these tidbits for clues about what is magnetizing to you. This moon invites you to use the power of your consciousness and communication to grow and spread meaningful reframes, fresh angles on old topics.

This new lunar cycle precedes eclipse season and introduces us to themes and transits that will continue to dominate and intensify in the second half of June and July.

Take advantage of this new moon to prepare for the time to come.


As the moon begins to wax through Gemini on the 3rd it will ping Neptune through a square followed by Jupiter through an opposition. Themes around spirituality, beliefs and mysticism come in here as well as possible illusion, delusion, deception and confusion. Culling the new ideas for what’s true will help course correct any cloudiness brought by Neptune as well as any overblown extremes brought by Jupiter. Allow the dreamy and divine to inspire and expand the flurry of thought and talk sure to accompany this new moon.

The moon’s contact with these two faith-oriented planets activates the square between Neptune and Jupiter that comes exact June 16th. Saturn will also connect with Neptune later in June via a sextile, adding a layer of tangibility to the Neptunian frequency coming our way.

On June 12th Mars in Cancer will oppose Saturn in Capricorn, presenting hard edges and challenges. We can meet these challenges best with the support of Spirit accessed through Neptune and Jupiter in the abovementioned transits. Commit to showing up in a mature, patient way and be rewarded when the day’s work is done.

Bring the mystic into form.