Full Moon in Scorpio: Nourishment From the Depths


Cosmic, ancient mystery enters the physical.


Sensuality and instinct embodied

 Full Moon at 27° Scorpio

May 18

This full Moon in Scorpio reveals what’s up in the underworld, where in our depths the challenges of late have landed and what is needing some integration. The challenges of recent Capricornian activity (Pluto and Saturn stationing retrograde, Saturn’s exact conjunction with the South Node) and the Uranian disruption and activation that came with the new Moon in Taurus are sure to have prodded some foundational, structural shifts the likes of which will have emotional repercussions. This is our chance to integrate.

From our grounded earthy headspace (Sun with Mercury in Taurus) and radical, sensual heartspace (Venus with Uranus in Taurus) we are invited by the Moon to unfurl the roots of our instinctual, intuitive experience. There’s the potential for us to soak our bodies in our own direct connection to Spirit. Receive the nourishment offered by the depths!

Venus with Uranus may offer us up some unusual or often inaccessible experience of love as well as an opportunity to radicalize, refresh and innovate how we love and where we love from. Under the Scorpionic full moon’s beams this goes to our core and includes the challenging sides of love as well as the juicy and sweet.

There is a Rumi poem discussing the appropriate weight carried by the body v. the spirit. Don’t give the body what is the soul’s job to carry and vice versa. At the full Moon in Scorpio we can redistribute our energies to better prepare us for the long haul.


spirit & Body

Don’t feed both sides of yourself equally.
The spirit and the body carry different loads
And require different attentions.

Too often
We put saddlebags on Jesus and let the donkey
Run loose in the pasture.

Don’t make the body do
What the spirit does best, and don’t put a big load
On the spirit that the body could easily carry.




Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus

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