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We each have a star story all our own.

Just as we have a relationship with ourselves and our loved ones, we have a relationship with the cosmos and a star story unique to us. Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been pulled to understand and relate to the world around and the sky beyond. All cultures worldwide have studied the cosmic phenomenon and both scientific advancement and epic mythologies have been born of this exploration.

People throughout time have used their scientific discoveries related to the planets and stars in their day to day lives, from maritime navigation to contextualizing our planet earth in relationship to the sun, moon and other planets for understanding our place in this wide universe. Just as interesting, if not mores, is the variety of mythologies and interpretations of the meaning behind the cosmic phenomenon and our relationship with them. Humans have used their connection and fascination with the universe to explain and understand the meaning of our existence and as a point of reference to guide our life journeys.

The Elements




Why do we tell stories about the stars?

There is a meeting place between science and myth in our relationship to the cosmos, starting with origin stories and continuing through the history of humanity through to present day. The data collected by NASA and other space exploration organizations around the world can seem distant from the ancient mythology explaining the nature of constellations and planets. For those who haven’t wandered the labyrinthine hallways of the astrological world talk of horoscopes, predictions and interpretations of how the placement of astral bodies influences us as individuals or the world’s events can seem unrelated to facts and figures we’ve gathered about those sky beings.